SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the optimization of websites with the aim of improving visibility and organic positioning in search engine results. Increased traffic and thus potential customers are the direct result of SEO, on which EP works every day.

The main SEO that EP works on is tech, content and offsite SEO, or specifically:

  • keyword research, i.e. analysis of user searches and of the market where the customer operates
  • SEO analysis of competitors
  • technical and technology analysis of websites and the associated Content Management Systems (CMS) to identify any issues and opportunities for optimisation in terms of code and technology
  • analysis and/or creation of optimised website structures, including in terms of SEO and UX
  • content quality analysis in terms of SEO, with the review of SEO editorial plans and/or the creation of new ones
  • analysis and cleaning up of link popularity
  • link building to boost a website’s links and popularity
  • SEO monitoring and reporting with analytics and keyword positioning data. Search engine algorithms are continuously evolving, and so it is crucial to analyse their performance over time

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